Do I need to register an account to download images?
Yes. Registration is required in order to purchase and download images. Make sure you use a valid email address to receive your registration confirmation. A valid email will also ensure you receive your purchase confirmation email properly. If you haven’t received your email and you know you’ve entered your information in properly, check your spam/bulk mail folder to see if was placed in there. If not, you can use the Contact Form to send me an email so I can get it sorted out.

Will you sell or use my email for spam purposes?
Absolutely not. Here at Anita Potter Images, we respect your privacy. Your email address will never be sold to any third party for spamming purposes.

How is my payment information stored?
All transactions go through PayPal. Your credit card information is not stored on this site. You do not need to have a pay pal account to purchase images with a debit or credit card.

How to I change my password?
When you register you’ll receive an auto generated password to gain access to your account. You’ll want to change this to something you can remember and hard for others to figure out.

In the top left corner place your mouse over the text Anita Potter Images. A drop down menu will come down then click on Dashboard. Once on that page you’ll see a red notification box at the top of the page that tells you you’re using an auto generated password. Click on the link that says Yes, take me to my profile page. Once on that page, scroll down to New Password. Type in your new password then confirm it again in the box underneath. Then click on the Update Profile button.

What does Royalty Free mean?
Royalty Free means that you don’t have to pay me royalties every time you use an image of mine that you purchased. There are restrictions for use as outlined in the License Agreement. You may use the image in print runs up to 100,000 copies for advertisements, print use (i.e. magazines, books, flyers, etc.) and personal use (i.e. blog, website, desktop wallpaper, etc.). You may not use the images on Print on Demand sites like Zazzle, Café Press, Red Bubble, Etsy and the like. You may not resell the image as your own work or use it in branding like a company or personal logo.

When I purchase an image do I own the copyright to it?
No. The copyright stays with me. You’re purchasing the image to use for commercial or personal use. I do not have a sell the rights option at this time.

I have a print run of over 100,000 copies. I don’t see an Extended License option on the purchase image page. Do you offer Extended Licenses?
As of right now there’s not a way to purchase an Extended License on the site, but don’t worry. You can Contact me regarding your project details and how many prints you’re needing so we can set something up.

Do you offer refunds?
No as it’s not possible to return digital goods.

Do you Sell Rights to your images or offer limited Exclusive Use?
As of this time I do not offer either. I am thinking about it down the road to make images in their own section. These would be brand new images that aren’t available anywhere else nor have been sold anywhere. I sell my images on different agencies as well as on this site and I wouldn’t feel right selling the rights or offering exclusive use for an image that has been sold to other buyers around the world. This section would guarantee that that hasn’t been done. I’ll post on the site when that section will be available.

I have just purchased a vector file. What software do I need to have to use it?
You’ll need to have a vector editing program either Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. If you have any difficulties with the vector eps file, Contact me with what’s going on with the file and I’ll either guide you through what you need to do or fix it for you.

I’ve just purchased a zip file. What software do I need to unzip them?
Most computers will come with unzipping program. In case you don’t have one, there are many good free and paid programs out there to open zip files. If any issues should arise Contact me and we’ll get it sorted out.

You sell 3d images in the jpg format. Do you sell the 3d models as well?
Not at this time but I may in the future. All of my 3d images are created in the free, open source program Blender. If I were to start selling 3d models the format would be .blend files. Blender does have the functionality to export into different formats like .obj but I don’t have any experience using other 3d programs like 3ds Max or Maya so I wouldn’t be able to offer the other formats.

Your business is very important to me so if you have any other questions, concerns or are in need of customer support and you couldn’t find the answer in this FAQ, don’t hesitate to Contact me and I will answer it as soon as I can.

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