Front page is now fixed

Had some time today to work on the layout of the front page. I’ve added a slider that when you click on any of the images in the slider you will see all of my images in that category.

I’ve also moved around some of the front page widgets so that they would make more sense as far as important content being at the top. This took a lot longer than I had anticipated but it’s now complete.

Update is complete

Right now I’m working on getting the main page to behave properly. I’m looking in to creating my own home page template so I can rearrange it into something that makes more sense. Right now it’s a little cluttered looking.

Aside from the layout issues, everything else seems to be working fine. This took longer than I expected and I apologize for the mess and the inconvenience.

Site upgrades today

This afternoon I’m going to be updating the site again. This is a major update and the site may be unavailable for a time. I hope to have everything back to running properly by this evening.

I have a few things I need to prepare for before the upgrade starts. I’ll post again right before I begin.

I thank you for your patience.